Pink Bunny and Friends

Pink Bunny and Friends

Created by

Bre Pettis

When I was a puppeteer I made a white rabbit named Pink Bunny. In the classroom, she was shy and would whisper in my ear to communicate. When students were rowdy, she would hide until they settled.

Puppeteers have experiences with special puppets where it has a life of its own. Pink Bunny was like that for me. I'd put her on and she would come alive.

Besides Pink Bunny, I created two more puppet friends to inhabit this imaginary world. Magic Monkey Bob is magical and chaotic and lives in the moment. Boo-Boo Kitty is a cat who seems to always have things go the wrong way and is nearly always in need of a hug. Pink Bunny's generousity, Magic Monkey Bob's playfulness, and Boo-Boo Kitty's naiveté made for a nice group of characters for adventure.

In 2004 I had a side hustle making websites for artists and during that time I put together a website for Pink Bunny at

I like physical drawings and I'm obsessed with hp pen plotters from the 1980's. I made each of these designs in inkscape in svg format so that they can be drawn on a plotter. For a short time after launch I'll be making plotted Pink Bunny and Friends postcards on my plotter for folks who get them and reach out to me (@bre) on Twitter.

Shoutouts to my former students in Seattle Public Schools, to my family who were encouraging, to the project for inspiration, to the internet archive, and the communities in the drawingbots, bueno, and plottables discords for helping me figure this out after a few misteps.